How to use a Keurig for hot water

How to use Keurig for hot water. One of the great kitchen appliances that make life easier is the Keurig. The best coffee is served to you quickly.

When you need them, hot drinks are always ready. Keurig machines offer many alternatives to hot beverages, including coffee, tea and other hot beverages. However, there are times when you don’t want to order coffee or tea from a K-cup. Alternatively, you can use tea bags, which need hot water.

Although the Keurig has a hot water button, most Keurig machines already have it.

How to use a Keurig for hot water

How to use a Keurig for hot water

Your Keurig coffee maker can provide hot water, so the answer is yes. Keurig’s hot water button is on the control panel. You can get hot water by pressing the hot water button. However, to make hot water, if the Keurig doesn’t have a hot water button, you can simply lift and close the handle without putting the box or k-cup in. Select “coffee” from the menu, then select “mix”. Keurig will start serving your hot water.

Keurig models that have hot water buttons

While the Keurig is one of the best coffee makers and gives you good coffee, it can also give you hot water if you want it.

The Keurig K-Elite is a special model with a hot water button that can provide you with hot water for tea making and other uses.

  • Turn on your Keurig K-Elite by plugging it into an outlet.
  • Put water in the water tank, then close the lid.
  • Find the water button on your K-hot Elite. There are five different cup sizes to choose from.
  • Order a cup of desired size after your selection. As soon as Keurig starts serving hot water, you’ll notice it.

Note: The only model with a hot water button is the K-Elite. However, if you don’t have a K-Elite model, you can still get hot water from other models using the techniques listed below.

Keurig models without a hot water button/methods to get hot water

Some variants outside of the K-Elite do not have a hot water button. Despite the fact that Keurig models don’t have a water dispenser, there are still ways to use your Keurig to get hot water.

Keurig K-Duo, K-Duo plus

Although there is no hot water button, Keurigs K-Duo and K-Due plus still provide hot water. The handle of K-Duo and K-Duo Plus can be raised and lowered.

Do not turn on your Keurig K-Duo or K-Duo Plus with the case installed. Your Keurig will start working and the Pod and Carafe buttons will start flashing.

Choose your group selection, then adjust the phase size to your needs. Press the Brew button and it will start brewing hot water.

Keurig K-cafe

You can get hot water from the Keurig K-Café, a frequently used coffee maker.

Lifting and squeezing the K-Café handle without inserting the coffee capsule will initiate the hot water extraction process.

The Coffee, Brew, and Capp buttons will start flashing after the handle is closed. You have to choose the coffee option here. Select your desired cup size, then press the brew button.

K-Classic, K-Compact and Keurig K-select

How to use a Keurig for hot water

Turn on the hot Keurig by plugging it into an outlet. Wait until the device reaches the required water temperature.

Do not lift or close the handle after attaching the case. You can get hot water by choosing your cup size.

Keurig K-Mini, K-Mini Plus

If you want hot water from the coffee machine and you have the K-Mini or K-Mini Plus model. 6 to 12 ounces of water should be added to the infusion machine.

Do not lift or close the handle after installing the K-cup. Check if the green light is flashing; This indicates that Keurig is ready.

Activate the incubation button. Water is dispensed in about two minutes. and Keurig K-slim use similar procedures.


Only the Keurigs E-lite model has a hot water button, but other espresso machines can also produce hot water. Knowing your model will really help you get hot water quickly. You usually need hot water, and sometimes you may prefer a tea bag to a cup of tea or coffee. To give you the best taste, you can easily get hot water from your coffee maker. The methods described above make it easy to get hot water from the coffee machine.

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